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Most ball stretchers are downright ugly and do not hold with significant weight.  Luckily, we have a passion for pulling on balls. This stretcher was designed to overcome both problems and can take weight, can your balls handle it?  Ours can.  Five ounce black oily leather forms the body, providing just enough comfort for the ballsack.  Thin latigo for the buckle and weight bearing straps provide strength and style.  This ball stretcher will support far more weight than his balls can without slipping out of place.  All hardware is stainless steel.  All materials are domestically sourced and gear is handmade in Seattle, Washington.


Package Contents: 1 Ball Strecher
Size: Diameter Range of 7/8" - 2".... Body is 1 1/2" Wide.
Body - 5 oz Oily Leather
Straps - 9 oz Latigo Leather
Chrome Plated Brass Rivets
Stainless Steel Buckle and Dee Ring
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Joe Apr 25th 2017

Finally a great ball stretcher

I loved the soft leather and the feel around my balls, so many other products are very tight pieces which take years of becoming comfortable for use. My balls are pretty stretched, so I did have a bit of problem finding the right tightness---but it worked. We played with filling weights and then tension tying to my ankle restraints---unlike other stretchers I found it extremely comfortable to wear around the balls and also gave a lot of freedom for my balls to be moved while Sirs were swinging weights. A great product.

Aug 22nd 2015

Different in a good way

This takes a bit of getting used to, but once you have figured it out, it fits incredibly snugly and securely. You could pull a car and it wouldn't come off. And no annoying noisy chains as you get on a parachute. Definitely worth a try!

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