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Elegant Locking Latigo Leather Collar

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Our new 1" wide locking collar is designed to be as elegant and clean as possible. High quality latigo leather and hardware along with the care we put into creating all of our gear makes this a very beautiful collar - reminding your submissive and anyone who may be paying attention how much you care. A single locking post with strap retaining loops mounted to both sides conceal the end of the collar straps - after you fit the collar and cut the straps (see instructions below). Our collar may be locked, if you choose with a standard luggage lock (we recommend Brinks #161-20471 luggage lock - not supplied). The lock is intended to be a snug fit against the leather which helps prevent the lock from rattling around.

The first two pictures in the listing show a collar that has been fitted and the straps have been cut properly. The second two pictures show a full length collar as it will be shipped and ready for fitting.

Size: One size fits most: 12.5-23.5" neck circumference

Fitting instructions:

1. Adjust the straps until you are happy with the fit of the collar. 

2. The locking post assembly should not be more then one hole different from side to side, this ensures that the locking post assembly is centered from from front to back IE: if you count 4 holes visible on the left side of the collar body, you should count 3,4 or 5 holes visible on the right side of the collar body.

3. Wear the collar for a few hours to confirm that the fit is good. Adjust as needed.

4. Once you are positive you are happy with the fit, write down how many holes are visible on the right and left side of the collar body.

5. Remove the collar.

6. Reassemble the collar to the same fit using the number of holes you recorded in step 4.

7. Use two small pieces of tape to mark the edge of where both straps extend past the end of the metal strap loops (on the side of the loops opposite the locking post).

8. Remove the straps from the locking post assembly and cut the excess straps off at the edge of your masking tape guides using a pair of Bandage/EMT sheers or heavy duty sheers.

Package Contents: Locking leather collar (does not include luggage lock).
Size: One size fits most: 12.5-23.5" neck circumference. To be cut to length after fitting.

8-10 oz Black Latigo Leather
Chrome Plated Brass Rivets
Stainless Steel Rings and Loops
Chrome Plated Steel Locking Post


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