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Suspension Harness

Our brand new suspension harness is built for play!  Sometimes rope just takes too long when you need to get your bottom up in the air so you can do nasty things to them.  Enter the suspension harness, this harness is designed to take partial...

Sling Strap Bondage Set

Buy your gear as a set and save. This set includes all of the leather gear you need to do partial and full suspensions using our Sling Straps. The set is virtually limitless (although we find the doggie position the best reason for owning this set - and...

Gunslinger Harness

Our Gunslinger harness was designed for a clean but very masculine look.  1.25" wide latigo leather straps are curved just right to lay flat against your body and stay comfortable all night.  Without any buckles or snaps it uses stainless steel...

Grizzly Harness

This harness was designed and made for the big bears in our community.  Based on our Bulldog harness but made with 2" wide straps and many more rivets this harness is properly proportioned for bears in the XXL-XXXL size range.  It's heavy...

X Harness

The X harness is our traditional masculine harness.  1.5 inch straps perfectly frame a bare chest while you're out at the bars, an event or playing at home, while sturdy construction ensures nothing will break when you get thrown around later in the...

Thrust Harness

The Thrust harness is our newest design. We've changed up our standard bulldog harness by adding a solid stainless steel handle to one side. The harness is reversible - the handle can be on the back or the front so you can grab on and pull no matter what...

Bulldog Harness

A more secure fit and some extra D-rings give the bulldog harness an edgier look than its older brother the X harness.  D-rings also mean the bulldog is functional, not just fashionable.  Combine it with our strap sling for some great...