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Short Leash

This short leash is great for keeping your pet close at hand and doubles as a great little stingy slapper. Our short leash is made of a 1" wide 10 oz latigo strap with a high quality stainless steel snap-hook that will take a beating.  ...
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Welting Balls

Please note: All braided/platted gear sold by Ethos Leather was/is made by my former puppy (who is excellent at impact gear design and braiding/plating. I am happy to announce that my former puppy has opened his own Etsy shop and that you can now buy...

Single Tail Holder

Have you ever struggled with how to securely attach your single tail or other whip to your belt? So have we, that's why we come up with this holder. Works great for long scenes and parades. Can be used for cuffs and other gear as well. The latigo is...
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