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Kalis Teeth Spiked Chastity Device 2 Rows

This vicious little item can be used in a number of ways depending upon how much discipline you want to inflict. As a very effective chastity device: place it around the shaft of the penis and during an erection, the points will dig into the most...

Gates of Hell CBT Plug

Made for the urethral sounds enthusiast but with a twist. This CBT device consists of a wand, measuring 3.2 inches in length and 0.5 inches in diameter, that goes in your pee hole giving you powerful sensations. Added to the wand are removable glans and...

Ball Stretcher

Most ball stretchers are downright ugly and do not hold with significant weight.  Luckily, we have a passion for pulling on balls. This stretcher was designed to overcome both problems and can take weight, can your balls handle it?  Ours can...
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Gemini Stainless Steel Ball Clamp

Squeeze those twins with the Gemini Stainless Steel Ball Clamp! This double-sided adjustable clamp is made to teach your sub a lesson. Fit the cool, metal crossbars over their sack and begin to tighten the screws. Tweak the fit just a little for a...

Master Series Dark Star Silicone Erection Ring

Be the star of your own bedroom show with this darkly erotic erection enhancer. Made of premium silicone and designed to fit snugly in place for a long lasting and powerful erection, this cock ring is a simple and satisfying way to guarantee your best...

Pinch Me Clothes Pins

Desire a bit of ecstasy sprinkled with a pleasured pinch? With the enclosed Pinch Me Pins from Frisky, you are in luck. These classically styled pins feature two twin sides attached by way of a metal spring that when applied, the pressure will heighten...

Cock and Ball Shackle

This is the single shackle that goes with the "Cock Ring and Ball Weight Set." It is a single hinged shiny steel shackle made to fasten around the base of the cock and balls. We suggest use with the ball weight and chain, but in practice anything can be...

Cock Ring and Ball Weight Set

/> This works by simply attaching the cock ring around the cock and balls (at the base), or just the balls alone, and locking it (using a standard padlock -- sold separately). Hence it can be used as a weighted cock ring or a pure ball stretcher. Then...

Ball Crusher Attachment for Ball Weights

Hit them where it hurts by crushing their family jewels.Made for erotic torture this a true S/M device. This crusher attaches to our ball stretcher using the wingnuts you move the bar up and down to increase pressure or "crush effect" on their...

Ball Stretcher Weight for CBT

$54.76 - $64.90
Our most popular ball stretchers are designed to perfectly to fit around the scrotum and provide the user with the ultimate stretch. These stretchers are made from chrome plated brass and feature some unique features that make these a best...

Rubber Gates of Hell

These Rubber Gates of Hell consists of a series of heavy duty rubber rings connected by a leather strap. The largest metal ring goes over the balls and cock, while the cock alone goes into the other rings. 5 ring version: the first ring is 2 inches in...
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Cock Weights

Black Vinyl Coated Weight These aremetal weights, coated with black vinyl, and with little metal clips added, for use in SM/bondage situations. They are often used with nipple clamps. These should of course be used with caution, care, and common sense to...

Steel Ball Crusher

This is a marvelously effective ball crusher with a very industrial look. Its operation is simple. Every turn of the screw tightens it a little bit more. Once it is on tight the ring at the end of the screw can be used to hang weights from for even more...
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Prince Albert Wand with Glans Ring

This penis jewelry is great to show off your un-pierced penis, the shaft is just under 3 inches long with a barely 0.3 inch tip for easy insertion into the urethra. Made from masterfully crafted steel the detachable glands ring fits around the head of...