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Heavy Stainless Steel Cockring for Stretching

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These simple solid stainless steel cockrings are great for longterm wear and stretching your cock and balls or just balls.  Ideal for men with previous stretching or heavy cockring experience, these rings are great because the two piece design allows you to wear a cockring that is one size smaller then the standard slip-on type.  This helps prevent the ring from falling off if you are wearing it while soft and for this reason they are especially great for growers.  We know you pigs might want even more weight for heavy stretching and for this we recommend stacking multiple cockrings together.  If you are just starting out with stretching, you can try these rings but limit yourself to an hour or two at a time until you grow accustomed to the weight and do not do anything strenuous while wearing this cockring. 

Be careful not to lose the allen wrench and be sure to take it with you if you are going out.

Do not overtighten the screw - snug is best.


Size (inside diameter) and weights:

1-3/8"   6.5oz  Usually best for balls only

1-9/16   7.5oz  Usually best for balls only

1-3/4"    9oz  Usually best for cock and balls

2"         10oz  Usually best for cock and balls


As with any gear that is intended to slow bloodflow, these cock rings should be used with care.  They should not be worn for more then a few hours at a time.  They should be immediately removed if you experience pain, numbness or discoloration.


Package Contents: Two Piece Stainless Steel Cockring, one screw, one allen wrench
Size: See above descriptions based on model chosen.
Materials: Stainless Steel
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