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XL Bondage Triangle Sling

After a few requests for a XL version of our popular Triangle Sling we have introduced this new larger sling.  The XL version is almost identical to our standard version other then its massive size 32" x 55" - as far as we know this is the largest...

Sling Stirrups

Stirrups are perfect for keeping those pesky feet and legs out of the way.  These sturdy stirrups are made from 10oz latigo. 1.5" straps form about a 6" diameter loop which works well for bare feet or smallish sized boots.   Specifications:...
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Sling Strap Bondage Set

Buy your gear as a set and save. This set includes all of the leather gear you need to do partial and full suspensions using our Sling Straps. The set is virtually limitless (although we find the doggie position the best reason for owning this set - and...

Sling Straps

The best thing about this sling is the suspended doggy-style position it allows.  But really, with seemingly unlimited positions available, there's nothing to dislike here.  3 1.25" D-rings down one side of each strap plus another on the bottom...

Suspension Straps

$130.00 - $350.00
Our new Suspension Straps are a modified version of our Sling Straps.  This simplified version is ideal for low ceilings or portable suspension stands.  We added a second load bearing D-ring so that now our straps have a open ended design, this...

Basic Sling

Our basic sling is a great way to own a quality sling at an affordable price. Because this sling is made of lighter 10 oz quality latigo instead of our standard 14 oz slings and lacks the bondage D-rings we are able to reduce our labor and materials...

Traditional Bondage Sling

The traditional bondage sling is a classic, and for good reason.  The large rectangular body will support most anyone comfortably.  8 D-rings along the underside allow you to strap down the bottom for extra security.  Or in case your plans...

Bondage Triangle Sling

The triangle sling is designed and built so that you can suck cock just as comfortably as you can get fucked.  Triangle cutouts inside the sling body help form a bucket seat around you as soon as you lie down so there's no risk of falling out while...