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Aum Glass Dildo

Rapture is yours with this spellbinding wand! The AUM Glass-Drop Dildo has six graduated swells that lead to a considerably larger seventh swell. Entwine in the ecstasy of amplified stimulation with the smooth cascading orbs of this piece. Made from the...
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Sukra Glass Dildo

Allow your body to delight in this ample piece of pleasure art. SUKRA is a decidedly pleasurable glass dildo with sleek and direct lines that lend themselves effortlessly to pinpoint stimulation. This semi-realistic dildo has a shaft that is ultra...
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Kali Glass Bliss Wand

Enter your bliss body turn after turn with this spellbinding piece...with its ring handle, perfect for pinpoint maneuvering and its tiered shaft, this unique cobalt blue glass piece can be spun and turned while inserted, offering a new level of internal...

Shakti Glass Dildo

Experience bliss with a twist! The Blushing SHAKTI Twisted Dildo is a sensually spiraled pleasure object with sleek, curved lines that lend themselves to erotic stimulation. While simultaneous coiling ridges down the shaft provide subtle sensations with...
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Yoni Glass G-Spot Wand

Both versatile and alluring, Yoni offers two contrasting shaped tips for increased G-spot and full vaginal penetration. Yoni is angled at one end for pinpoint G-spot stimulation, while the opposite side swells in the middle before tapering off at the...

Hearts of Desire Textured Glass Dildo

The Hearts of Desire Glass Dildo is a sexy stimulation piece that is gently curved and accented with raised heart textures for added sensation. Like Karma, you get what you give with this gorgeous piece of sexual artistry. Whether it is with a partner or...

Sattva Rabbit Style Glass Dildo

The Sattva Rabbit style glass dildo is a sexy stimulation piece that is subtly curved for added stimulation and features a sensational clitoral stimulator. This gorgeous piece of sexual artistry has everything you need for blissful adventures, Try adding...

Chrome Dipped Glass Pleasure Probe

This sensual wand is a truly unique piece. Made of high quality, durable glass, dipped in chrome for a gleaming finish and slick feel. You get all the benefits of a metal toy, without the weight of a pure steel item. The material is slick, nonporous,...

The Ram

The name pretty much says it all. This behemoth is a staggering 12 inches in length and approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. For those who feel that size does matter, we have the wand for you. Massive pleasure can be derived from this gigantic 2 lb...
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Hamsa Glass Dildo

$29.07 - $30.64
Both versatile and alluring, Hamsa offers two contrasting shaped tips for increased g-spot and p-spot stimulation. Hamsa is an excellent choice for those that have trouble choosing between the many sensual options available in glass toys. The two-way...

Krishna Glass Dildo

The blushing Krishna Wand comes to you with a divine purpose! Featuring a gently twisted tip for accented texture and stimulation and glides in smooth during insertion, along with massaging swells that are designed to intensify arousal as its smooth...

Priti Glass Dildo

Utopian desires are about with this subtly contoured piece! A sphere on one end and a swelled tip on the other, and everything in between are intended to keep you coming back for more. Crystal clear like a water drop, this piece is easy to keep clean...
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