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Belladonna's Magic Hand

Molded from the famous adult actress herself, Belladonna. Enjoy this exact replica of belladonna's hand any way you want! Perfectly molded for easy penetration, it is easy to enjoy Belladonna like never before! Measurements: 11.5 inches in total length...

Crystal Jellies Classic 10 Inch Clear Jelly

Enjoy 10" of life-life like penis in a clear jelly form. This penis is shaped with life like veins to create realistic feeling. The Crystal Jellies is a classic dong and must have for any girls collection. Measurements: Length: 10" Circumference: 5" ...

Crystal Jellies Ballsy Pink 6 Inch Super Cock

Have your balls and take your cock too! with the Crystal Jellies Ballys Pink 6" Cock. This cock is molded with veins to give it an ultra realistic feel. The size of this just right and this is a must have to any girls collection. Measurements: Length:...

John Holmes UR3 Huge Cock

Now you can have John Holmes in your bedroom with this amazing cock! Made to feel and look realistic, this dildo will blow you away with endless pleasure. At the base of this huge dildo you will find a suction cup, which can be utilized on just about any...

Vivid Essentials 12 Inch Double Dong

Made from jelly material, this long dong is soft yet firm. With a realistic head at each end and a veiny shaft, the pleasure will be immense. Just imagine the endless possibilities as this 12 Inch Double Dong can be used solo or with a partner! No matter...

Jelly Jewel Cock with Suction Cup Sapphire

Satisfy your hunger for pleasure with this amazing Sil-A-Gel cock! Its realistic head and balls will feel amazing while the ridged shaft will send you over the top with pleasure! It also has a built in suction cup at the base, allowing it to stick on...

Dick Rambone Cock

Prepare for some hardcore fucking with this huge, and we mean HUGE, cock! With an amazing over all length, about the length from elbow to fist for most people, this cock just might make you scream with pleasure. The stimulation will not only come from...

Double Fister Dong

Enjoy some hardcore probing with this Double Fister Dong! Made for fisting lovers, this dong incorporates two hands in different positions, fingering and fisting, at each end. Since this dong is made from PVC, it is soft and flexible but still firm. ...

XXL Double Dong

This super large double dong has enough length and girth to satisfy anyone who feels able to step up to the challenge of its massive size! Our largest double dong, this mega dildo has a smooth, tapered cock head on each end, with a full 28.5 inches of...

Dual Ended Fisting Dildo

Get ready to double fist it with this massive insertable! One side features a hand with fingers pointed, ready to ease in and give you an impressive stretch! The other side offers more of a challenge, with a clenched fist that is sure to fill you up and...

Bonnie Rotten Collection Big Black Cock

This 12 inch Big Black Cock is made using phthalate-free, latex free, body safe PVC. The strong suction cup base sticks to nearly any flat surface, and clean up is a snap. The soft material is firm enough to take a pounding, but flexible enough to...

Giant Cock with Balls

Ready for something a little bigger? Well this giant cock and balls is just for you. This cock is made from a high quality rubber material. This monster measures 11 inches long 3 inches in diameter and nearly 9.5 inches in circumference. The big...

The Manhandler

How much man can you handle, with the manhandler? This dildo measures 15 inches long by 1.5 inches wide and 4.71 in circumference. The Manhandler is a realistic black or flesh dong with a sure grip handle. The Manhandler looks like a penis mounted on a...

The Cyclops

This massive dildo will make you tremble in its wake. This vained 10 1/4 inch dildo is not for the timid. With its ball base, it is easy to stand it up and slowly sink yourself into a whole new level of pleasure. Feel the big head and the vained shaft as...
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The ManOlith

Fill yourself up with this huge dildo. Made from jelly rubber, this dildo will feel amazing as its head and veined shaft go deep inside of you. And waiting for you at the bottom are two balls for that real like feel as they slap against you when you...
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The Ram

The name pretty much says it all. This behemoth is a staggering 12 inches in length and approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. For those who feel that size does matter, we have the wand for you. Massive pleasure can be derived from this gigantic 2 lb...
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Basix Rubber Works Fist of Fury

Pipedream has put a new twist on a classic product to bring you the best possible rubber made in the USA. Our American-made rubber is 100 percent phthalates and latex-free, environmentally safe and hypoallergenic.Disclaimer: Products are intended as...