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Shoulder Length Latex Gloves

A stimulating accessory to your fetish wardrobe. Great for sexual play, caressing the body with latex is an experience! High quality gloves are imported from England.Latex gloves can be difficult to put on. We recommend using talcum powder. For the...

Liquid Latex Body Paint Kit

Bring your imagination to life! The kit has everything you need to paint on the sexiest outfits. Kit Includes: One 16oz container of the following paints: Red, White, Black and Blue. Four 1 inch brushes. Two 2 inch brushes. One 3 inch roller. One bottle...

Latex Bondage Balloon

Confining Latex Balloon Prison This unique latex balloon is made of stretchable latex. This product is super stretchy but takes some effort to get in it. We suggest a lot of a water based lubricant around the skin and balloon to glide in better. To get...