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Sling Stirrups

Stirrups are perfect for keeping those pesky feet and legs out of the way.  These sturdy stirrups are made from 10oz latigo. 1.5" straps form about a 6" diameter loop which works well for bare feet or smallish sized boots.   Specifications:...
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Sling Straps

The best thing about this sling is the suspended doggy-style position it allows.  But really, with seemingly unlimited positions available, there's nothing to dislike here.  3 1.25" D-rings down one side of each strap plus another on the bottom...

Basic Sling

Our basic sling is a great way to own a quality sling at an affordable price. Because this sling is made of lighter 10 oz quality latigo instead of our standard 14 oz slings and lacks the bondage D-rings we are able to reduce our labor and materials...
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