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Our Oily Cowhide Flogger is made from (you guessed it) oily cow hides, the oily leather tanning process results in a slightly stiffer leather then what most floggers are made from.  Resulting in a bit more sting then most floggers and a lot more accuracy.  Our Nasty flogger is just that, a Nasty M***** F*****.  The falls on these floggers taper to a fine point, resulting in all sting.  Just imagine the sting from a short single tail, then multiply it by the number of falls in each flogger (16 or 22 depending on the chosen size) - that is what this flogger feels like when thrown at high speed.  Please note: at high enough speed this flogger can break skin.  The handle has a hardwood core and a heavy duty thick rubber cover - making for a simple, yet easy to grip handle that is also very easy to clean without damage.  Every flogger handle is individually balanced and counter-weighted for a extremely accurate flogger while still being easy to throw.  All of our flogger handles have a polished stainless steel handle cap engraved with our makers mark.  Each flogger has a small loop for storing your flogger, the loop is set in such a way that it does not bounce around while flogging and does not become a distraction.

We make this flogger in two sizes:

Standard: 22 falls, each fall is 5/8" tapering to 1/16" wide and 22" long, the overall length is approximately 30" 

Small:      16 falls, each fall is 5/8" tapering to 1/16" wide and 9" long, the overall length is approximately 16.5"

The Standard size is just that, a standard size flogger that is exceptionally accurate for general use.  If your looking to buy your first flogger, this is likely the best size to order as it is the most versatile and easy to use.  

The Small flogger is ideal for genitals or other sensitive areas.  Please observe caution and start easy when using this flogger on sensitive areas.


Package Contents: 1 Flogger
5-6oz Oily Leather
Stainless Steel Cap

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