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Stop-N-Flow Enema Plug Attachment

Enjoy some exciting enema play with the Stop-N-Flow Enema Plug attachment! This versatile toy is designed for use with our Shower Enema System and puts you in total control of your cleansing experience. The included adapter attaches the hollow plug to...

Fleet Enema

Fleet Enema is a saline laxative that is safe, effective, and easy to use. No extra bag required, simply insert tip and squeeze bottle to administer enema. Ensure that you are clean and ready to go for your next sexual encounter! Size: 4.5 fl. oz. ...

Enema Syringe

These classic enema syringes are a collectors item. Made of high quality polished metal. Operation is as follows: 1) Pull back the plunger. 2) Unscrew the cap and fill with liquid. 3)Insert into the rectum and push plunger, liquid fills into the person...
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Disposable Enema Kit

Disposable Enema Kit This affordable enema kit is the perfect on the go enema kit. Ideal for use while traveling or for a fast cleansing. Our enema Bag Fitting Set wil allow you to use with our many enema nozzles, see below.Kit includes:1500ml enema bag...