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Latigo Stinger Whip

Please note: All braided/platted gear sold by Ethos Leather was/is made by my former puppy (who is excellent at impact gear design and braiding/plating. I am happy to announce that my former puppy has opened his own Etsy shop and that you can now buy...

Basix Leather Cuffs

Our simple cuffs are one size fits all wrists, ankles and most boots so you don't have to mess around with mismatched sizes or worry that something won't fit.  A 2.5" wide body provides substantial comfort - without being unnecessarily nice. ...

Sling Strap Bondage Set

Buy your gear as a set and save. This set includes all of the leather gear you need to do partial and full suspensions using our Sling Straps. The set is virtually limitless (although we find the doggie position the best reason for owning this set - and...