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Our brand new suspension harness is built for play!  Sometimes rope just takes too long when you need to get your bottom up in the air so you can do nasty things to them.  Enter the suspension harness, this harness is designed to take partial chest suspension loads and can be used in conjunction with our Sling Straps for full suspensions.  A 3" chest strap plus 2" shoulder and underarm straps provide solid support without excessive digging.  Solid chestpieces in the front and back hold weight and there's no exposed hardware to pinch skin. Made from heavy 9-10oz latigo with 63 rivets, this harness is designed and built to take some serious play for years to come.

Wear with the D rings in the back for doggy style, or D rings in the front for a more relaxed suspension.  This harness is one size fits most S-XL (we've verified that it fits boys 5'6" and 6'1" with no complaints - except maybe "please don't stop Sir") so you only need one for all your play partners.

As an added bonus the suspension harness is still seriously stylish so you can wear it out to a club and show everyone you mean business.

Package Contents: 1 Suspension Harness
Size: 2" and 3" straps, solid chest piece, one size fits most
9-10 oz Black Latigo Leather
Chrome Plated Brass Rivets
Stainless Steel Buckles and D rings

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Dale Schuman Jul 31st 2019

hanging suspension harness

really top quality product. only thing i found a little strange is you need to use it to soften the leather. was a little stiff at first but great now. if looking for a good suspension harness this is it. thumbs up on this>>>>>>

MisterJ Mar 3rd 2017

It works well and is comfortable

The leather was a little stiff and dry when it arrived, I conditioned it well and then it worked just fine. The harness now has 2 prong buckles instead of 1 prong. Overall a very nice item that simplifies suspension for when I don't want to grab all my rope. It also looks like one hell of a harness to wear out and can be worn forwards or backwards... it fits just about any body size. Though if you're small then you will have a lot of bulk on you. Note from Ethos Leather: Thank you for your purchase and review MisterJ. Our move to the East Coast has presented us with unexpected humidity issues. Storing our leather and gear in Seattle was never a problem as the humidity was about right in our workshop. Our new workshop has extremely low humidity in the winter due to the extremely low winter outdoor temperatures (usually between -15 to 10 degrees fahrenheit - outdoor scenes take on a whole new meaning). We just completed a humidity controlled storeroom to prevent the leather and gear from drying out.

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