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Our new Suspension Straps are a modified version of our Sling Straps.  This simplified version is ideal for low ceilings or portable suspension stands.  We added a second load bearing D-ring so that now our straps have a open ended design, this allows the straps to be added to a suspension after the bottom is suspended and enables a faster release at the end of your scene.  These straps can be used for many load bearing suspension positions and offer support in many different ways.  You could use these just like our Sling Straps for a doggie style suspension with one strap around each thigh with both load bearing d-rings from each strap connecting to a carabiner, attached to chain and in conjunction with our suspension harness.  You could use a single strap (in conjunction with rope or other suspension gear) to help support the lower back during a suspension in a doggie or missionary position.  You could use three Suspension Straps for a doggie style suspension: one for each thigh, one for the lower back plus a suspension harness - doing so would increase the bottoms comfort for long suspensions.  Please keep in mind that you will still need a suspension harness or rope/leather chest harness to use this Suspension Strap (ie: please don't use these Suspension Straps as the sole load bearing item, a chest harness is still necessary to prevent the bottom from shifting lengthwise in the suspension and potentially sliding out of the Suspension Straps).  Three 1.25" D-rings gives the top many options for attaching cuffs to.  Because these straps can be used in many different ways we are selling them in sets of 1,2 & 3.  The Suspension Strap is constructed of sturdy 9-10 ounce black latigo leather.  Rivets are chrome plated brass, all other hardware is stainless steel.  All materials are domestically sourced and gear is handmade in Central Maine.

As with all suspension gear, please inspect the gear before every use to insure safety.

We recommend the following gear to be used in conjunction with the sling straps:


Package Contents: 1,2 or 3 Suspension Straps dependent on choice.
Size: 5" wide X 26" long load bearing area, 49" overall length when in open position.
9-10 oz Black Latigo Leather
Chrome Plated Brass Rivets
Stainless Steel Welded Dee Rings
3 - 1.25" Welded Restraint Dee Rings Per Strap
1 - 2.5" Welded Load Bearing Dee Ring (Suspension Ring) Per Strap

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